Field meeting reports

Meeting date: 16 April 2011

(Leader: Arthur Hoare)

The author ventured with Arthur into TQ12U where nostrils were at once charmed by the fragrance of bluebells en masse and sundry other woodland delights awaited, with Ranunculus auricomus (Goldilocks) being especially appreciated.  Amid swathes of Anemone nemorosa (Wood Anemone) and other spring fare the wood in question, south of Denne Park, was mysteriously criss-crossed with low walls of green plastic sheeting: all was revealed by a stray employee: the area was designated as an extension to a golf-course and the fences were in place to corral newts for relocation.  It was rather dispiriting to find that this patch of sylvan treasures, including Orchis mascula (Early Purple Orchid) and Dactylorhiza fuchsii  (Common Spotted-orchid) would soon be no more.  Meanwhile the other half of the sixteen members were led by Mike into TQ12Y where he worked them mercilessly until the 300 species total was passed. The afternoon was a plenary session in TQ12S looking for missing species to add to the tally of 306.  In Nutham Wood it was Allium ursinum (Ramsons) in profusion that impressed itself upon the olfactory sense, and there was a host of old woodland indicator species, with Crataegus laevigata (Midland Hawthorn) very frequent.  A very satisfying day and it was particularly pleasing to welcome Kathryn and Josie to the team.  It is worth recalling that it was Alan Knapp who developed this format of meeting (in the morning split into groups/afternoon all together) for maximising the effectiveness of field meetings for recording for the New Flora.