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We can undertake botanical surveys of specific sites within the boundaries of East and West Sussex either as individuals or as a larger group. Following a survey we provide lists of plants present in the area together with further information about those species which are of particular interest (for example nationally or locally rare species) and, where appropriate, advice on their conservation.

To arrange a survey or to obtain further information please contact our Chairman, Nick Sturt at

Botanical Records

If you have any queries about vascular plants in Sussex or would like to send us records for species which you have found then please contact the recorder for either Vice County
East Sussex (Nevil Hutchinson) –
West Sussex (Nick Sturt) –

We can provide information to commercial organisations requiring botanical information for specific sites (for example for planning purposes) but we make a charge for extracting and supplying such information. If you would like more information please contact for enquiries relating to any part of Sussex.

Mosses, lichens and liverworts

Although most of the work of the Society is concerned with flowering plants and ferns we have some members whose expertise extends to non-vascular plants. For further information on bryophyte recording please email Brad Scott/Sue Rubinstein at At present, lichen recording is somewhat limited, but if you are interested in this group, please get in touch.

Important note: Unfortunately we are unable to answer casual enquiries about the locations of rare species in Sussex.