Brightling area

Field meeting reports

Meeting date: 30 April 2011

(Leader: Ann Callow)

Because Pat was unwell, her daughter, Ann Callow, kindly led this meeting, attended by about fifteen members on a warm dry day.  The party split into two groups for the morning and joined up at lunchtime. Matthew has kindly provided a list of records. The meeting was well timed to find several early species in TQ62Q, including Carex caryophyllea (Spring Sedge), C. pilulifera (Pill Sedge), C. ovalis (Oval Sedge) and Aira praecox (Early Hair-grass).  Other species indicative of good habitats were Spergula arvensis (Field Spurrey), Poa pratensis (Smooth Meadow-grass) and Pedicularis sylvatica (Lousewort)In TQ62W, highlights were Carex strigosa (Thin-spiked Wood-sedge) by a woodland stream and Dryopteris affinis ssp. affinis and ssp. borreri (Scaly Male-fern).  Sempervivum tectorum (Houseleek) was found on a roof of a farm building, but my notes do not state who clambered up to look!