Rye Harbour Nature Reserve

Field meeting reports
Picture of Salicornia dolichostachya (Long-spiked Glasswort)
Salicornia dolichostachya (Long-spiked Glasswort). Photo: Nick Sturt

Meeting date: 9 September 2018

(Leader: Paul Harmes)

The objective of this second meeting at Rye Harbour was principally to record late flowering Salicornia species in the new saltmarsh areas.  In Barry Yates’ absence, volunteer Jim Barrett accompanied us, allowing us access to gated areas. Sixteen members attended. 

Paul explained the ID features of the five Salicornia species which we found. Stace and various illustrated keys also assisted our learning. Amongst the widespread Salicornia ramosissima (Purple Glasswort) were S. europaea (Common Glasswort) and, in places, S. pusilla (One-flowered Glasswort). Less common was S. fragilis  (Yellow Glasswort). The fifth Salicornia was found along the riverbank and after some deliberation was pronounced to be S. dolichostachya (Long-spiked Glasswort). Other plants still in flower included Lathyrus japonica (Sea Pea) and Galeopsis angustifolia (Red Hemp-nettle). Least Lettuce (Lactuca saligna), of which the flowers were long gone over, could be identified by the narrow clasping leaves with their white midribs.

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Photo: Nick Sturt