The Flora of Sussex will be published February 2018


A couple of weeks ago, the bulk of the content of our long-awaited Flora was sent off to the publishers, and the end is nearly in sight for this monumental project with which we have all been involved for so long. Many thanks indeed to all members who have contributed so much over the years: in time out in the field, financially, and in sourcing photographs and many other ways. Thanks too to all the others, experts, and advisers and organisation who have also made significant contributions to the book. It is a remarkable achievement.

The publisher, Pisces, have already started the work on laying out the pages, and you can see an early draft of a sample page here, plus Evan Jones’ gorgeous cover picture of Seseli libanotis. Peter Creed at Pisces has been really helpful, and we are looking forward to seeing the proofs in a few months’ time.

The book is already available to pre-order, and more information is available on The Flora of Sussex page on this site. SBRS members can send a cheque direct to our Treasurer and we will distribute your copies once they arrive.