Offham and Hamsey Marshes, Lewes

Field meeting reports
Picture of Marsh Ragwort (Senecio aquaticus). Photo: Helen Proctor
Senecio aquaticus (Marsh Ragwort). Photo: Helen Proctor

Meeting date: 4 July 2015 

(Leader: Peter Smith)

Six members explored the marshland areas north of Lewes in delightfully sunny weather.  TQ41A is one of the richest environments in Sussex, and with 537 species already recorded, we had no strong expectations of adding many more.  However, after sustaining a few wet feet, we were able to enjoy finding Groenlandia densa (Opposite-leaved Pondweed), Alisma lanceolatum (Narrow-leaved Water-plantain), Oenanthe fistulosa (Tubular Water-dropwort) and Apium graveolens (Wild Celery).  Added attractions were spectacular marsh frogs, a peregrine falcon, and some grey mullet in the Ouse.  Among the five new records that we did achieve were Oenanthe lachenalii (Parsley Water-dropwort), and Callitriche brutia ssp. hamulata (Intermediate Water-starwort).  Those who were able to stay to the end of the day were rewarded with Senecio aquatica (Marsh Ragwort), Berula erecta (Lesser Water-parsnip), Potamogeton lucens (Shining Pondweed), and a fine display of Hottonia palustris (Water-violet).