Field meeting reports

Meeting date: 27 June and 4 July 2012

(Leader: Rita Hemsley)

On the first meeting, two SBRS members joined me at Wivelsfield Recreation ground to add records to TQ31P on a dull summer’s evening.  We visited a variety of habitats and found Papaver dubium subsp. lecoqii (Yellow-juiced Poppy) and Rosa canina group ‘Pubescentes’ (Hairy Dog-rose) in the hedgerows. We added 30 new records for the tetrad including many missing Sussex Plant Atlas species.  My thanks to Ady and Ernie for supporting me.

The 4th July meeting was a very select SBRS gathering.  We met on the old runway of the wartime airfield to record in TQ31U on another dull evening. We found Lepidium campestre (Field Pepperwort) in a field edge and Hypericum hirsutum (Hairy St John’s-wort) and Geranium pyrenaicum (Hedgerow Crane’s-bill) on the road verges and added eleven new records before the light became too bad to continue recording.  My thanks to Ernie for joining me.