Field meeting reports

Meeting date: 9 July 2011

(Leader: Wendy Meadway)

Nine members met in the car park below Hailsham Leisure Centre on a dry, mild day with sunshine in the afternoon.  The purpose of this meeting was to record plants in TQ50Z, TQ51V and TQ51W. From the car park we walked down a narrow footpath where we recorded Hirschfeldia incana (Hoary Mustard).  An elm in a hedgerow was confirmed to be Ulmus minor ssp. minor (Small-leaved Elm).  We revisited the pond where Hottonia palustris (Water-violet) and Ranunculus tripartitus (Three-lobed Crowfoot) had been found several years ago.  Sadly the pond was badly overgrown and dried up and these species had disappeared.

Continuing northwards, TQ51V included a roadside with a few more new species for our list.  After lunch, we drove to the Cuckoo Trail car park at Hellingly in TQ51W.  Two subspecies of Arctium minus were compared.  The main excitement though was finding Crepis biennis (Rough Hawk’s-beard) in two locations.  One plant was in flower, enabling examination of the partly pubescent phyllaries.  A plant of Convolvulus arvensis (Field Bindweed) with deep rose pink flowers was admired and considered almost garden-worthy but  – – – NOT IN MY BACK GARDEN!