Field meeting reports

Meeting date: 15 August 2010

(Leader: Nick Sturt)

This time the burden of leadership for one of the morning sorties was laid upon the broad shoulders of Arthur, who set off for the western portion of Albourne (TQ21N), while a smaller band explored Furners Lane on the edge of Henfield (TQ21I) with the Field Convenor.  Tales and specimens were exchanged over lunch at picnic tables at the layby and it soon emerged that (a) both parties had comfortably raised their tetrads over the 250 mark and (b) nothing dangerously exciting had been seen.  A wander around Shermanbury (TQ21E) was decreed for the afternoon and the upper reaches of the Adur provided such delights as Butomus umbellatus (Flowering-rush) and Impatiens capensis (Orange Balsam).  Moving onward, Tony helpfully diagnosed some Oenothera x fallax, Arthur pointed out the remains of a wasps’ nest dug out by badgers and Dawn demonstrated her understanding of Taraxacum and Rubus. While sensible members were gathering speed with the end in sight, the author realised that the total for the tetrad had reached only three short of 300.  Ady, whose attention to the missing species list had been exemplary throughout, chipped in with Genista tinctoria (Dyers’ Greenweed) and Lathyrus nissolia (Grass Vetchling) while others lighted upon a little Achillea ptarmica (Sneezewort) with Matricaria discoidea (Pineappleweed) as a less glamorous insurance in case the leader’s arithmetic was as imperfect as his grasp of the calendar.