Field meeting reports

Meeting date: 16 July 2005

(Leader: Rachel Nicholson)

About twelve members met on a very hot day with the aim of surveying in three tetrads for the new Flora. After starting in an open access pasture (hedgerow, grazed grass and stream), we moved into a heathy area and then on to a shady lane verge. In the afternoon the surviving members walked along a grassy track to two large set-aside fields where we hoped to find some arable weeds.

Notable plants found were Rosa rugosa (Japanese Rose) established in the field hedge, Oreopteris limbosperma (Lemon-scented Fern) along the heathy ride and Mentha requenii (Corsican Mint) somehow holding on in a gateway. The set-aside produced Anthemis cotula (Stinking Chamomile), Ranunculus sardous (Hairy Buttercup) and, surprisingly in this acid area, Carduus nutans (Musk Thistle) and Origanum vulgare (Marjoram). We wondered if the latter two had come in with railway ballast or the stones used to shore up the nearby river bank.