The Stoneworts of Sussex

Picture of the cover of The Stoneworts of Sussex

The last published account of stoneworts in Sussex was in 1990. Since that date much additional information has been gathered about these fascinating aquatic algae, of which several species rare in Britain occur in the county.

In The Stoneworts of Sussex, Frances Abraham presents accounts of each of the species which have been recorded in the county, together with distribution maps for many of them, and an introduction outlining the history of stonewort recording in Sussex.

Printed in colour throughout with photographs of stoneworts, images of herbarium sheets and habitats, this book extends our knowledge of the plants of the county, covering a group that was not in the scope of The Flora of Sussex (2018).

Note: One of the maps in the book was duplicated. The correct map of Chara vulgaris var papillata is given below:

Distribution map of Chara vulgaris var papillata in Sussex
Distribution map of Chara vulgaris var papillata in Sussex

ISBN: 9780952175735

Publication date: 15 February 2020

Price: £6 + P&P

42pp, 148 × 210 mm

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Image showing the page layout in The Stoneworts of Sussex