Bryophyte bonanza

Latest sightings
Picture of Ulota phyllantha
Gemmae-laden tips of the leaves of Ulota phyllantha. Photo: Brad Scott

I will resist the quite laudable urge to post loads of pictures of mosses and liverworts to the SBRS blog, but there were some requests to see the slides I presented at the AGM last month:

In addition, you may be interested in the Sussex Bryophytes blog. Tom Ottley initiated a project to undertake tetrad recording for bryophytes across the county, starting with East Sussex (vc 14). There has been important recording for these plants in the county for over 150 years, but even so there are areas which are decidedly under-recorded, and many tetrads for which there are no records at all. Gradually, a small group of us are filling in the gaps. The blog is a nice space for us to share short accounts of our various outings, and recent posts from the last few weeks include:

The BBS SE group has one more field meeting in the calendar this season (Sunday 9 April at Box Hill), at which SBRS members would be very welcome. In addition, if you might be interested in coming along to one of our other occasional smaller outings, let us know.