Privacy and data protection

  • Sussex Botanical Recording Society (“SBRS”) collects the following types of data from members:    Name;   Address;   Telephone number;   Email address.
  • We check what data we have on members regularly and remove it if we no longer need it. If you cease your membership of the Society, we shall stop using and delete any data we do not need to keep.
  • All of the information listed above is needed to manage your membership of SBRS and to organise and run our activities. We shall not use this data for anything else unless you give us your active consent for that additional use.
  • We do not send out marketing or promotional communications.
  • We shall never give your data to third parties for that third party to use.  If another member of the Society asks for your contact details we shall only ever share them if you give your consent. 
  • At any time you can ask to view, update or correct any data we hold on you. To request any of these, please contact the Chairman or Treasurer who will usually respond within one month. 
  • If you have a query please speak to the Chairman or Treasurer of the Society.