Documents and slides

This site contains many useful sources and information, which is arranged as best as we can. This page lists various documents, presentations and slides that are available, but you may also want to look at the list of articles that have been extracted from the Newsletters, or at the publications page. Documents specifically about recording are on the Recording page.

1. Keys and identification notes

2. Bibliography of Sussex Flora

An abstract of the Sussex section of N.D.Simpson’s Bibliographic Index to the British Flora (1960). Prepared in .pdf format by Tim Rich.

3. Interesting plant records

4. Field meetings presentations

5. Other presentations

6. Map of the East & West Sussex vice county boundaries

This file contains a map showing the boundaries of the Watsonian vice counties of East Sussex (VC14) and West Sussex (VC13). In most cases the boundary follows the administrative boundary but there are several exceptions.

The vice county boundaries define the area used for our flora recording with two exceptions. For some reason the recording boundary used in the Sussex Plant Atlas survey followed the administrative boundary rather than the VC boundary in the area around Flimwell and the area to the east of Camber and so includes small parts of the vice county of West Kent. In order to be consistent with the Plant Atlas we are also recording these areas. So, if you are recording in the Ticehurst/Flimwell or Camber areas, please use the administrative boundary shown on OS maps as the limit of the recording area.

7. The new flora

Copies of the presentations given at the SBRS autumn get-togethers and AGMs on the state of progress of recording for the new Flora of Sussex.
Note: Photographs included in some of the presentations have been removed to reduce file size.