About Us

The Sussex Botanical Recording Society was formed from the Sussex Flora Society which had as its purpose the production of the Sussex Plant Atlas.  When this work appeared in 1980 most members wanted to continue studying the flora of the county and so the SBRS came into being.  As the name suggests our main activity is recording the flora of Sussex.  Anyone who has a genuine interest in wild plants – higher plants (wild flowers, grasses, sedges, rushes, ferns) or lower plants (bryophytes and lichens) – is welcome to join, regardless of their level of expertise.   There is a programme of field meetings for members which provide the opportunity to botanise and learn in a friendly and informal group, often visiting areas not normally open to the public.  Two indoor meetings and two newsletters a year plus this new website and Facebook group keep members in touch with each other and abreast of developments.

Learning and recording are the most important things we do, and members are encouraged to do both.