Photographic Competition 2019

Starry Clover, Helen Dignum
Sea Milkwort, Jacqueline Rose

Following the success of the 2018 Photographic Competition, we are holding a further competition this year. The rules of the competition are much the same as for last year, but with a change to the categories that you may enter. As last year, Class 1 will  be for a close-up of one or more plants. Class 2 will be focussed on one or more plants in fruit. Last year’s competition attracted 37 entries. Let’s see if we can do better than that this year. Entries are now open and the detailed rules are given below:


1. The competition is free to enter and open to all SBRS members who are amateur photographers.

2. Photographs must be taken in East or West Sussex but do not have to be taken in 2018.

3. You may enter up to two digital images per category but you don’t have to enter both categories.

4. The winners will be selected by a popular vote of those attending the SBRS Autumn Meeting.

5. The plants you photograph may be of any native or alien plants, including flowering plants, conifers, ferns, horsetails, club-mosses, stoneworts or bryophytes, whether casual or established, but growing in the wild (i.e. anywhere outside private gardens).

6. The competition is now open and will run until Saturday October 12th., 2019. Please send your entries to Peter Smith, the Competition Organiser ( by that date.

7. Please submit the largest possible file sizes, but consult Peter Smith as to how files over 10MB could best be submitted.

8. The photographs should be labelled using the following format: –

Close-Up: “Photo title (including location) by photographer’s name_Close” e.g. “Buttercup at Woods Mill by Joe Wolley-Dod_Close”;  Fruit:  e.g. “Ghost Orchid at Woods Mill by Jane Wolley-Dod_Fruit” 9. Copyright of images will remain with the photographer. However, SBRS claims the right to exhibit the entries, and to use them to further its aims generally and to promote SBRS and its Photographic Competition. This includes publishing them in its publications, on the SBRS website or social media. All published photographs will be credited. SBRS also claims the right to edit or use images in combination with others.