The Autumn Get-together 2016

Picture of botanists at Shoreham
Botanists at Shoreham. Photo: Nick Sturt

A splendid group of botanists met in Staplefield last month for the traditional autumnal end-of-term review. After our Chairman’s welcome, we were captivated by Trevor Lording’s talk on the Ferns of Britain and Ireland. Tracing a geographical arc from the south east and then broadly clockwise around the Isles to end with the rare pteridophytes of Scotland, Trevor illustrated his talk with many of his beautiful photographs.

After that, we heard a summary overview of the key features of the new website, which drew attention to some bits of content that may have escaped our notice. This presentation also touched on some members’ Twitter use, and on the SBRS Facebook and Flickr pages, the latter for collecting our photographs of the county flora.

Then we returned to the botany, with Helen’s report on this year’s churchyard survey, which will certainly be extended to next year to ensure all the currently-selected churchyards receive a sufficient number of visits, and to encourage members to survey any that have not yet been adopted.

Mike Shaw then told us about some of the highlights of the finds in the county this season, including Lemna turionifera (Red Duckweed) and Nuphar advena (Spatter-dock), both new to Sussex.

After lunch, Matthew Berry outlined some ideas for recording in 2017 focussing on a few difficult or overlooked taxa, and gave us insights into how to determine them. His notes on Polypodium vulgare/P. interjectum, Polypodium x mantoniae, Calystegia x lucana and Veronica hederifolia are available elsewhere on this site.

This was followed by the reports on the season’s field meetings, with Nick on first to tell us about West Sussex:

followed by Helen’s report on those in East Sussex.

After the presentations, Nick gave us a short outline of Society news, including an update on the progress of the Flora, noting that Mike and Arthur have drawn up a list of species for which photos are sought, and then our President, David Streeter, offered an invitation to the world of bryology, and a winter meeting will be announced in due course. The meeting finished by sharing a number of photographs and accounts of various field recording during the season.

The various presentations and talks described here are also collected together on the Documents and slides page on this site, together with those from previous years.