Krauss’s Clubmoss, scarce in Sussex

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Picture of Selaginella kraussiana (Krauss’s Clubmoss)
Selaginella kraussiana (Krauss’s Clubmoss). Photo: James McCulloch

At the beginning of May I visited Ardingly to make a special plant survey. As I don’t specialise in botany, I found quite a few species that I had never seen before, such as Oxalis exilis and Arabidopsis thaliana. However, Selaginella kraussiana (Krauss’s Clubmoss) stole the show for me; a new species for my list which is rarely seen in Sussex.

It was very abundant at the site, growing in all likely habitat: dry rocky places. It is not a native plant but it is often used in gardens. Most likely it spread from the gardens of Ardingly village which aren’t far away from the site. It originates from Africa, but the English and Welsh climate seems to suit it. However, there are far fewer records from the less-suitable country of Scotland.