Field meeting reports

Meeting date: 9 June 2013

(Leaders: Helen Proctor and Geoffrey Kitchener)

Nine SBRS members and six members of the Kent Botanical Recording Group met at Lamberhurst car park on a dry, cool and overcast day.  Although Lamberhurst lies in Kent, the River Teise in the centre of the village marks the vice county boundary.  The objective was to collect records for border tetrads as well as helping our Kentish friends to obtain monad records, north of the Teise. As TQ63T only had 36 records, blank cards were given to four teams which scattered in different directions.  This resulted in the collection of 145 new records, inevitably including casual and well-established garden escapes, such as Chaeonorrhinum origanifolium (Malling Toadflax “Blue Dream”), which had spread onto a roadside bank. Crossing the Teise, we studied arable weeds.  In woodland, Cardamine bulbifera (Coralroot) was found in fruit. Back in VC14, we added fourteen new records to TQ63S. The afternoon route included the river valley.  TQ63Y gained 62 new records, including Hesperis matronalis (Dame’s-violet) in white and lilac forms and Cardamine amara (Large Bittercress).