Field meeting reports

Meeting date: 24 July 2010

(Leader: Helen Proctor)

Eleven members assembled outside Waldron Church and divided into groups to record plants in TQ51P, TQ51U and TQ51I in the morning. One group recorded species at Burnt Oak Farm by kind permission of the owner, Mike Farrant. Sorbus torminalis (Wild Service-tree) was seen in a hedgerow. The woodland included several ancient woodland indicator species. Manure heaps and waste ground produced four Chenopodium species. Exotic trees were recorded in a plantation elsewhere in the same tetrad by two other members. Everyone met up at Tyler’s, near Dower House Farm at Blackboys for lunch. We then proceeded downhill to Butlett’s Wood. The highlight of the afternoon’s recording was the discovery of Phyteuma spicatum (Spiked Rampion), previously seen by the landowner, who wishes the location to remain confidential. In a meadow was the hybrid Cirsium vulgare x arvense, which had flowers typical of C. vulgare (Spear Thistle), but the leaves of C. arvense (Creeping Thistle). Varied habitats included ancient woodland, hedgerows, meadows, streamsides, a marsh, and arable field edges, resulting in 195 species being recorded in TQ51J. The warm, sunny weather was enjoyed.

Thanks are due to Paul and Alison Wright for permission to visit Browning’s Farm, and to Andrew Tyler for the extra parking space.