Somewhere N of Horsham

Field meeting reports

Meeting date: 22 August 2009

(Leader: Alan Knapp)

It was a glorious late Summer day and what better way to spend it than in congenial company on a perambulation of rural North Sussex, led by Alan Knapp?  TQ13Y was the concern in the morning: by lanes (where Matthew was quick to supply the desired example of Sessile Oak), across horsy fields, into strips of Hornbeam woodland, some with graceful stands of Small-leaved Lime, and then the crunch of botanical boot upon stubble in a quest for arable weeds – Mike conjured up Chaenorhinum minus (Small Toadflax), unusual off the chalk.  A rummage through some game cover for Chenopodia (Goosefoots) and other delights before dining at a field edge where Arthur recounted truly heroic tales from his bicycling years.  Soon after refreshment we were in TQ13X and starting over again with gusto on a new card.  As in the morning, the species came quite steadily and kept all ten of the party busy as our leader steered us, gradually and to our amazement, back into the same lane somewhere North of Horsham where we had parked in the morning.  A total of 114 new records for the day (67 for TQ13Y, 47 for X) was a fine achievement.