Hooe area

Field meeting reports

Meeting date: 25 May 2008

(Leader: Roy Wells)

The weather report was awful, and the ten people who set out from Hooe Church for tetrad recording might have expected a poor day, but the forecast heavy rain arrived early and spent itself overnight, leaving a bright sunny warm day. We covered several habitats, ranging from agro-chemical fields to hay meadows and marshland, with extensive ditches, where Alan was able to demonstrate his prowess at tossing the grapnel. Over 120 records were added to the two tetrads, taking them both well over the 200 mark. Nice finds included three Fumaria (Fumitories), Equisetum palustre (Marsh Horsetail), Ceratophyllum demersum (Rigid Hornwort), Potamogeton crispus (Curled Pondweed), P. trichoides (Hair-like Pondweed) and a fine flowering group of Hottonia palustris (Water-violet).