Sheffield Forest

Field meeting reports

Meeting date: 3 July 2006

An additional meeting took place in July with just six members on a day that promised to be very warm. Initially there was some shade from tall conifers, but the rides soon opened up, with ditches on either side in which were Carex pallescens (Pale Sedge), C. laevigata (Smooth-stalked Sedge), Scutellaria minor (Lesser Skullcap) and Hydrocotyle vulgaris (Marsh Pennywort). Potamogeton polygonifolius (Bog Pondweed) was found in a small pond; close by was a pair of White Admirals. Patches of open sandy ground had abundant Centaurium pulchellum (Slender Centaury), and both Euphrasia anglica and E. nemorosa (Eyebright species)

The meeting ended shortly after lunch when the heat became too oppressive, and it was realised that there would be insufficient time to reach the lakes.