Michelham Priory

Field meeting reports

Meeting date: 19 June 2004

(Leader: Richard Bickers)

This meeting was led by Richard Bickers, who once worked at the Priory. Despite the fact that the gardens are well cared for and the lawns closely mown, 184 species were recorded. It was good to find that Ranunculus sardous (Hairy Buttercup) and Trifolium micrantha (Slender Trefoil) had escaped the mower blades.

The plants around the moat were particularly lush, and included Carex pseudocyperus (Cyperus Sedge), Carex riparia (Greater Pond-sdge), Impatiens capensis (Orange Balsam) and Rumex hydrolapathum (Water Dock). In the water were Ceratophyllum demersum (Rigid Hornwort) and Menyanthes trifoliata (Bogbean). In the woodland surrounding the garden, a Sorbus torminalis (Wild Service-tree) was found along with Ranunculus auricomus (Wood Buttercup), and the grasses in the meadow nearby included Hordeum secalinum (Meadow Brome) and Trisetum flavescens (Yellow Oat-grass).