Wootton Manor

Field meeting reports

Meeting date: 16 June 2001

(Leader: Helen Proctor)

It was possible to hold the meeting at Wootton Manor as there was no stock on the farm and the fields were mainly set-aside. The gardens were visited first, including the vegetable garden, for arable weeds. In the damp woods bordering Abbott’s Wood, Rosa stylosa (Short-styled Field-rose) was confirmed by Alan Knapp, and there were many spikes of Listera ovata (Twayblade). A marshy area that looked promising on the map proved disappointing, being full of shoulder-high Oenanthe crocata (Hemlock Water-dropwort).

In one field there was one mean specimen of Euphorbia platyphyllos (Broad-leaved Spurge), but in the next there were countless tall plants, their lime-green flowers showing above the lemon yellow ones of the rape, which was the main crop. As Alan Knapp put it: ‘It was the highlight of the day’.